GRAVITY by MA Lundquist

May, 2014

Gravity began with my attempt to photograph water colliding, capturing the energy of two water droplets coming together to create fantastic patterns. I quickly learned what nature has known for millennia, water conforms to no force but its own.

So what my images evolved into wasn’t a kinetic energy but a quiet energy. Each one shows individual water drops frozen in a moment, conveying emotion through their colors, their reflections on the water and the light illuminating them. They appear planet-like, full of mystery, color and life.

The project used basic items like tap water, food coloring and a speed light flash. But with my camera and macro lens acting like a telescope I found a new galaxy previously invisible to the naked eye. Gravity is nothing like what I have done before photographically but being able to combine the technical and creative sides of this medium has been challenging and exciting. I plan to continue this series, exploring new worlds and expanding this initial galaxy into a larger universe of images.