shifted - malundquist

SHIFTED by MA Lundquist

November, 2019

Life has a way of always shifting and changing, taking you in new directions when you least expect it. I’ve recently experienced a change, a seismic shift where I left a job of 20 years with no immediate plan or decision about what my next steps will be. This change has made me think and feel differently about the future, realizing it doesn’t always have to be exactly in focus and that letting it unfold can be ok.

This new thinking had me re-examining images I had taken in the past where I deliberately created an abstract landscape by moving the camera, or my lens, during shooting. I recently explored this concept further which is how SHIFTED came to be. With SHIFTED I looked to create a series of photographs that continued to force me to change how I saw a traditional landscape, a subject I enjoy searching out and photographing both local to my home or while traveling to new locations. I also realized as I explored this idea further that it is fun to break the rules and move away from the standards of landscape photography. In working with this technique, I could see the landscape becoming less about the details and more about the shapes and colors.

In creating the images for SHIFTED it has helped me to see that letting go of the past and how I always photographed landscape photography, was not something to fear. Change is good, letting things be out of focus is ok and that new ways of thinking can create wonderful opportunities going forward.